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LoveWell Assessments 


LoveWell is so much more than a relational assessment! This powerful assessment is based on 24 years of scientific research. The patented, research-based data provides a comprehensive and uniquely customized report based on your responses. The LoveWell Assessment takes an in-depth look at how you naturally respond to solving problems, influencing others, reacting to change, and making decisions. It is proven to help best identify your unique qualities, how you communicate, and how you relate to others. These reports often very clearly and concisely describe who you are giving valuable insights relevant to many other areas of life. 

LoveWell has been used with over 90,000 couples and taken by over 5 million people. The assessment results are rendered from 168 different data points and 18,000 data points for personality insights.

The LOVEWELL assessment provides:

  • Valid and reliable results backed by decades of research

  • Researched based results

  • Is accessible, relevant, non-threatening & practical

  • A detailed report outlining each individual's results

How many sessions will we need?

The typical number of sessions varies from individual or couple. Anywhere between 8-10 sessions, some prefer to use LoveWell in an intensive and elongated single or couple sessions. In addition to being used in a traditional office setting or classroom with a group, it can be used in a retreat or seminar setting as well.

How much does the LoveWell Assessment cost?

Initial Assessment & 1 Counseling Session: $200

Additional Sessions are charged at the standard hourly rate of $155

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