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Erasing trauma. Trauma written on white paper with a pencil, partially erased with an eras

ART Intensives

Individual Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) Intensives are either one or two-day extended therapeutic sessions. Intensives are designed to identify and treat various areas in need of deep emotional, psychological, and physiological healing. The intentional and targeted design of these intensives result in significant change and healing.

During an ART intensive, we work together to create a personalized approach based on your own therapeutic needs and goals. Common focus areas include developing  effective coping skills, healing from past trauma and other emotional distress, building deeper levels of confidence, improving communication styles, eliminating obsessive behaviors, discovering and uprooting issues of negative self worth and self-esteem, and identifying what becoming your best self looks like.   

What are the benefits of an ART Intensive?

  • Deeper level of treatment in a more condensed amount of time

  • Personalized tools for specific areas of personal growth

  • Less travel than weekly sessions

  • Gain a higher level of sustainable momentum due to the accelerated nature of changes that can be made.

  • Advanced trauma care with less re-traumatization



  • You actively have thoughts, a plan, and a way to carry out a plan to harm yourself or others. (Call 911 immediately if this is the case). 

  • Have self-medication issues (drugs/alcohol use) that would impair your ability to give your attention during the intensive. 

  • You are unwilling or unmotivated to open your mind and heart to take an in-depth exploration of yourself.


1 Day Intensive - $1,300

  • 30 Min Consult Call

  • 1 hr Intake Assessment

  • 1 hr Debrief session (or ART if needed)

  • 1 hr Target Planning day of intensive 

  • 3 ART sessions day of intensive

2 Day Intensive - $2,550

  • 30 Min Consult Call

  • 1 hr Intake Assessment

  • 1 hr Target Planning Day 1 & Day 2 of intensive 

  • 2 ART Sessions Day 1

  • 2 ART Sessions Day 2

  • 1 Brainspotting or additional ART session Day 2

  • 1 hr Debrief session (or ART if needed)

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